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Hi. I'm Christopher.


I’m a media producer who creates digital content to help small businesses gain more clients while increasing revenue.
I ❤️ helping small businesses and entrepreneurs craft messages through the use of creative media production, design, and content strategy.

I’ve had the unique opportunity to manage an in-house corporate marketing production studio for the past 2 decades, while working with an award-winning creative team, producing marketing campaigns and digital media content for PSECU, one of Pennsylvania's largest credit unions. 


Throughout my career at PSECU, I’ve collaborated with senior leaders from all departments, helping bring projects to life while completing marketing objectives that propel PSECU’s products and services in the marketplace. From sports venues and trade shows, to financial education centers and online digital spaces, I’ve planned and produced creative content for marketing campaigns across many different channels. 


In addition to corporate marketing, I consultant with small businesses and entrepreneurs on media production and marketing content strategy, helping them develop their brand for overall better advertising to their potential customers while increasing their revenue. I also enjoy working with non-profits, consulting on media production, marketing, and serving on their boards.

I'm always looking to expand my network into new industries and enjoy looking at marketing opportunities from an outside perspective. I believe marketing in one industry might parallel another, even if those industries have nothing to do with each other. You can learn a lot, not just from your competitor's marketing, but other industries' marketing.

I'm a true believer in testing the waters and not always staying in the boat, but careful enough not to drown.

Thanks for taking the time to learn about me. Let's work together on your next project.


// Chris 

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