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I began my career as a videographer, first shooting on VHS then quickly moving to mini-DV tape. The most exciting transition for me has to be when I moved everything to digital. I consider myself a life-long student, learning and embracing the evolution of technology and ideas as related to filmmaking and post production. It is this evolution that excites me the most, challenging me to try new techniques and ideas.


My experience in media production includes roles such as camera operator, licensed (Part 107) drone operator, audio engineer, lighting designer, grip, editor, colorist, and director. I’ve operated as a one-man-show for many years, learning to wear all the hats. But I also enjoy partnering with and/or guiding a team of creatives, to produce the best results possible for projects that are beyond my capabilities as a one-man outfit. 


I’ve included a variety of work from personal projects to client work to corporate branded content I've produced while working for PSECU.